There are many benefits to be gained

from the personal service you will receive from Karz.

You will save time and save money when you use the services of Karz. Karz has mass buying power and therefore are able to buy vehicles cheaper than singular buyers.

  • We have a team of dedicated professionals who do the leg work in finding your next vehicle so you can spend your valuable time on more relaxing tasks, maybe a round of golf or hit the shops
  • We only work with reputable motor dealers to ensure our clients end up with the most reliable vehicle.
  • Organising finance can be a pain; we can take care of that too, just ask.
  • Every vehicle new or 2nd hand comes with warranty guaranteeing you piece of mind.
  • Insurance – those dreaded companies, no need to worry. We’ll also organize the insurance for your vehicle if you want.

Additional Services

Karz Takes Care Of Everything.

Finding your perfect new vehicle is the most time consuming part of your purchase; which is why the team at Karz ensures that this is our main focus.
We also realise that many additional requirements are needed when purchasing a vehicle. This is why the expert team at Karz are also able to take care of:
*Added extras such as tinting, tow bars
*Leaving you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Who we are?

Headquartered in Brisbane Queensland, Karz operates independent of any motor dealership. A privately owned Australian company aiming to set itself apart through unique and dedicated customer service innovation.

Karz truly is unique - we make it our job to ensure our clients dreams of driving their new vehicle are fulfilled in a quick, easy, and high quality way.