Testimonials from our happy clients:


“Karz saved me time, energy and money from having to run around looking for a new car. Angela was a pleasure to deal with. She gave us prompt service and up to date communication. A truly hassle free experience.” Cameron Nicol

“Dear Angela/Karz, Thanks a lot for finding my 1st dream machine. You made things easier for me, particularly as I stay a long distance away from Brisbane where we have lots of options. Even though I saw few cars over the internet Karz went beyond that using the good contacts list to find this car which was not advertised. Its nice to have Karz to save time and money. Thanks once again.” Ganesh Gnanasekaran

“Dear Angela, Thank you Karz for finding the car that I wanted at a cheaper price than anticipated. I appreciated the work you put in during this process.” Ami Hart

“Thankyou Karz, I was never easy and you stayed very calm with me at all times.” Tamara Lee

“Thanks to Karz I am now enjoying driving my new Mazda 6.” Brett Emery

“Thank you Karz for the professional service in finding our new car. The web-site made things very easy. All the relevant info about the car was available there as well which made the insurance and finance application easy.” Tjaart Grobbelaar

“Dear Angela Thankyou for being so efficient and friendly. I am not good at bargaining with car dealers so it was good to have that done by an expert. It certainly made buying the car a painless experience.” Terri Matthews

“Karz was fast, efficient and got me an excellent deal and just what I wanted. Competent organised staff. “A terrific time saving experience. I will recommend KARZ any chance I get. No complaints or issues whatsoever.” Gerry O’Reilly

“I wanted to express our gratitude and thanks with….. Keen, reliable and prompt. All the hard work and stress is removed. Regularly updated and informed during the transaction. ZZZZZZ the deep sleep I have knowing Karz is on my side.” Rachael Alexander

“Thanks to Karz we were able to purchase exactly what we wanted without the hassles of dealing with salesmen and caryard visits. We could not be happier with our purchase and the $3,000 savings.” Sarah Tulacz

“Karz came up with a deal much better than I could do with any ford dealer.” Barry Arnesen

“Thankyou for your efforts, your hard work saved me money, and got me more for my trade. Buying my vehicle from Karz was a pleasure, one I will pass onto anyone who is looking for a new vehicle.” Cameron Johnson

“Thankyou Karz for handling all my needs with regards my new car. The saving were amazing and the service and friendliness was great. Delivery to suit my needs was unexpected but greatly appreciated.” Kim Pomroy

“A totally worry free experience” “Thanks Karz for all your help and advice. Your kept me involved and updated but also did the hard work on comparisons etc and helped me understand the transaction. I am amazed at how smooth the process was especially with my vehicle trade in. I really appreciate the hard work you put in and great customer service (thanks so much Angela!) I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends.” Holly Mee

“I am so appreciative of the wonderful work Karz did on my behalf and the significant benefits I have gained; not only have I saved a huge amount of money, but I have been spared the hours of research it would have taken for me to get the great car I did. Your professionalism and warm, friendly service ensure I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs a car. Thank you.” Tracey Young

“Thankyou for your tireless work in getting the car I wanted with commitment, patience, thoroughness and dedication you saved me several trips to the dealer and streamlined all the paperwork.” Edmund Lee

“We did not have to do all the negotiating with the car dealership and Karz dealt direct with our finance company doing the novated lease which meant there was minimum paperwork for me to worry about. The tracking service online was great. Karz were always quick to deal with my queries.” Laxmi Camadoo

“Thanks Karz for all your hard work. Karz saved me money and much time and we got the exact car we wanted.” Blair Koppen

“Best customer-service focused business I have ever come across! Karz really go the extras mile to make car buying a pleasure. See you next time.” William Buter

“Karz noticed scratches on my new car that I would not have, I am confident my new car is in perfect condition” Louise Woolley “Karz has made the process of buying a new car easy and hassle free. It all happened very quickly and I am very please with the result!” Louisa Woolley

“Thankyou for finding my new car. You found me exactly what I wanted within 24 hours of first speaking with you. The price you got was far better than I could get myself. When I told you about the delay with my leasing company you contacted them and sped up the process for me meaning I got my car when I needed it. Thankyou so much.” Peter de Lange

“When my new car turned up for inspection at Karz they discovered faults that I never would have seen and insisted on a new vehicle being supplied. If it was not for Karz I would have a faulty car today.” Murray Williams

“Thanks Karz. Buying a new car has never been this easy. You did all the work for me, hassle and worry free. Thanks for an excellent service.” Ogee Panlaqui

“I’m sure I was a pretty demanding customer but Angela came through with everything I needed. Karz saved me money, took all the stress out of buying and selling, and even managed to meet a very tight timeline. I will be using karz again.” Bob Cole

“Karz took all of the hardwork out of finding and purchasing a new car. I have already recommended Karz and Angela to a number of friends. I will use Karz again in the very near future.” Simon Murphy

Karz got us a good deal on the new car and a good trade in price – “Thankyou Karz for all your help in finalising the purchase of my new car. You gave me peace of mind and confirmed I was getting a good deal. I will definitely recommend you to all my time poor friends.” V Hoeft

Assistance with RACQ and collection of vehicle – – Provided comparisons of similar vehicles – “Running our own business and having a young family meant dealing with car yards/salesmen too difficult. using Karz was a no brainer. P.S we love our new car.” A & M Kuluz

What a breeze, what more can I say – “Dear Angela It was an absolute pleasure dealing with someone who clearly knows the auto market well. Someone who was not applying sales pressure to achieve a sale of a particular make/model of car. I am sure due to my busy work schedule I would still be contemplating a purchase, or worse I would have made a rash purchase of a car that I later regretted. Thankyou!” Dr Matthew Rickard

impartial advise with no sales pressure – – continually informed of vehicle progress – “Thankyou for a hassle free experience when purchasing my Subaru. Because I find negotiating hard it was great for karz to step in and do all the hard work of purchasing a new car plus delivering it to my home.” Loretta Ponomarenko

“Dear Angela, Initially I was unsure about doing business with a company I did not know but dealing with Karz has been a great experience and would do it again and certainly highly recommend it to my friends. I appreciated the advice.” Jasper Van Der Westhuyzen

It was amazingly simply and easy, would not hesitate to repeat – – reliable information with sound advise – – frustration free! – “Thanks Angela for your promptness and professionalism. Money saved was paramount in these economic times. I have recommended you. Very happy with car, colour and make.” Susan E Rumble

“Definitely the best price by $3,000!!!” “Thankyou Karz for making my purchase process so easy. You did all the hard work and took the stress out of my life. I’ve used Karz for both my wife’s and my own car purchases and will recommend you to others without hesitation.” Wayne Castle

“Dear Angela, without your help, expertise and direction we would not have known what to buy and I am sure that without Karz we would have paid way to much. Karz are so lovely and so friendly to deal with , it makes buying a car a dream, Karz has so much expert advise. Everything happed so easily without drama. I saved $5,000 on my vehicle plus no hassle. Thankyou.” Jessica Allen

“My daughter suggested we use Karz having not done anything like this it was a totally new experience. We had decided on 2 vehicles either would have been acceptable depending on the price. Karz did all the hard work with prices and got us a good deal. We certainly will use Karz again and would certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of purchasing a new or used vehicle.” Therese Jewell

“Thankyou for all the help I would definitely recommend Karz to anyone interested in getting a new car as Karz saved me a lot of time and money.” Ashlee Hayes

“Karz is very helpful, time saving and money saving. The staff were always cheerful and very helpful.” “Thankyou so so much for doing all the hard work and delivering the perfect car to me, Karz made everything so hassle free and easy to do. Recommending Karz to everyone!” Zack Williams

“I would normally search and negotiate my own cars but using Karz has been an eye opener for me. The time and effort has been minimal on my part and the service has been 100% from Angela. I have been promoting the services to all my friends and would be surprised if they do not utilise this service.” Paul Rourke

“Thank you Karz. Although I came to you with pre-defined expectations relating to vehicle type and equipment levels, you made the process of placing an order and following the delivery protocols an adventure. It was an immense pleasure to finally take delivery of my Volkswagen Tourareg and I could not be happier. Well done Karz.” Daryl Powell

“Karz was recommended to me by work colleagues and with the positive experience I had I will most definitely be recommending Karz to other work colleagues as well as friends. Great service. Great car. Many Thanks” S Lowe

“3 phone calls and the deal was done, Karz beat the quote we had, we had a ‘wish date’ for delivery that was a bit tight. Karz met this deadline.” Geoff Williams

“A huge thank-you to Karz for finding me my new (red!) car! I was saved inexpressible amounts of time and thousands of dollars with the help of Karz. I got what I wanted at a great price and in great condition. I couldn’t have asked for more!” Emma Moloney

“Thank you Angela and Karz for my new car! You saved me time and money as well as my sanity! I would certainly recommend the service to friends and family.” Karen Elliot

“I rang on the recommendation of a friend, and it turned out to be the best advise I could have received. Your professionalism was very obvious and it was supported by the service you provided and the financial savings I made and the quality of the advice. I will recommend and gladly praise Karz to all and sundry.” Cam Mosley

“Thankyou Karz for all your prompt hard work in locating our new vehicle. The time and money savings that Angela was able to get for us was fantastic! Running our own business we have little time to do all the running around and organising. I certainly will be using Karz again and would recommend Angela to anyone wanting to replace their car.” Jason Boyland

“Dear Angela, You have saved me the equivalent of almost a full year’s fuel bill, however it was the time and effort you saved me that I really appreciate. Thankyou for the great service and great car.” Kevin Howard

“Karz got us our dream car with everything we wanted on it for so much less than our local car dealer. They were also able to answer any questions we had about the car within minutes. A fantastic service, thankyou!” Olivia Krenske

“Dear Angela It was excellent the way Karz provided their service to me. Very personal and professional. Thankyou. I will have no trouble recommending your service to any friends or work mats!” Gary Gillies

“Thank you so much for your approachable, helpful ways. Your promptness, knowledge and friendly manner made the purchase of my new car a very pleasing experience. Thank you for saving me time, money and heartache.” Dana Wedge

“Karz once again too the rescue. Twice in eighteen months. Over the moon with my ‘new dream’ car.” Darren Lee Turner

“Thankyou Karz for all your hard work in purchasing our new car. It has been a great experience, it saved us time and money. We got exactly the car we wanted.” Jamil Ahmed

“Dear Angela Thank you for your friendly and prompt service. Thank you for taking the worry out of dealing with pompous sales people. Thank you for also understanding my situation and working with me to help get what I was after. Kindest Regards” Jane Dean

“Using Karz saved me many many hours of work. Once we had decided on a car make and model and let Karz know, the process was very smooth. We appreciated you waiting for the ‘right car’ for us and we ended up with a beautiful 2nd hand car that was ‘as new’ at a very good price.” Antony Faa

“Thankyou Karz for working hard to find the car of my dreams. I had to do nothing but wait for my dream car to arrive at my door. Thanks again.” Andrew Stewart

“Dear Angela It was great to use your services – definitely saved us time. You were also able to get us a far better price than if we were to do it ourselves. The after sales service you provide is also excellent. Well worth utilising the services of Karz and we will tell friends etc all about it.” Paul Wyatt.

“The prompt friendly service was great. Karz saved me time, money and the hassle of visiting numerous car yards. The money Karz saved was great, especially in the current financial climate. I would recommend your service to anyone. Angela thanks for all your help.” BOB

“Thanks for the assistance in buying my new car. I avoided the hassle of dealing with sales people, and the process was stress free.” Darryl Gaedtke

“Thank you Karz for finding me a lovely new car at an excellent price. I was impressed with the service, excellent condition of the car and the saving of about $3,000 without having to haggle with a dealer. Furthermore everything was done over the phone, was very time efficient including having a financial broker on hand to help. Will definitely recommend Karz to my family and friends.” Prema Soupen

“Thanks Angela and Karz – We gave Angela the specs of the car we wanted and within 2 days Karz had found the exact thing we wanted without all the hassle of looking around or negotiating a price with car dealers. Thanks again.” Cathy Blake

“Removed ALL the hassle of searching for a car ourselves” “Dear Angela Thankyou for your professional and helpful assistance. Your availability was impressive and help with details and inclusion decisions. I appreciate your help in delivering the car without delay and driving the car 100klms for delivery on a dark rainy night! Thankyou.” Dianne Graves

“Dear Angela, Thanks for all your help in organising my car purchase. You really saved me a lot of time and money. Without you I wouldn’t have gotten the best deal possible. I’ve already recommended your services to two of my friends and I’m sure I’ll be recommending more.” Regards Natalie Oostergo.

“Karz are a great service for people who simply don’t have time to search for cars and need a reliable and professional service. Thanks again Angela.” Kind Regards Karen Prentis

“Angela I want to thank you and your team for your efforts in supplying me with my new car, you truly provide an excellent service.” Wes Jude

“Dear Angela Thank you very much for arranging the purchase of my new Toyota. It is over a week since I took procession and am very pleased, from the moment I left your office I felt comfortable driving – Ryan had a great day being first in new car. It was wonderful to have all the final arrangements tended to for me, I was fed up with arrogant car salesmen who thought they could tell a women any yarn and get a sale – that did not wash with me. When Fred recommended Karz I thought what a great idea. The time and money saved, quality of vehicle, peace of mind on delivery plus your extra work with registration etc, ensuring all was completed and ready. It was a service I appreciated. Thank you Angela, and Karz will be recommended by me.” Lesley Malcolm

“I am very impressed with your company, extremely professional, I will recommend you to all my family, friends and associates. You have made my car purchase an easy, pleasant experience.” Tony Modwith

“Thanyou Thankyou Thankyou. What a refreshing way to buy a car, whilst I was truly surprised how much money Karz saved me it was the customer service that will keep me a client for life. Thanks to all the team, we are so very happy with our new car.” Kerrie May

“Your service is everything you stated it to be, I saved time, saved money and I knew I wasn’t swimming with the car yard sharks! I appreciated how prompt you responded to my new car purchase and all of my questions along the way.” Alex Raymond

“Thanks Karz for all your hard work in finding my new car. Seeing I didn’t have the time or experience to look for a car you have saved me alot of time, effort and money and the result was well worth it. Thanks.” Kirsty Matheson

“What a refreshing change in the automotive industry, Karz is a wonderful service that I will recommend to all my friends.” Rod White

“Great service, I give your company 5 stars” Wanchien Tan

“Thanks again to KARZ. This is the second time our company has used KARZ and both times have been very successful. As a growing company with an expanding fleet we will definitely be contacting KARZ again for future vehicles.” Mary Stuart Urban Art Projects

“Dear Angela We just wished to thank you for the wonderful work you did in sourcing our new Nissan Patrol We love the Patrol and all of the extras you got for us and would not have it if it was not for your very professional, efficient and stress free service. It had its first big outing with the van on the weekend, what a blessing it is compared to our old tow vehicle. You made it so easy, finding a great price and getting all of the accessories fitted for us, at least $6,000 below what we could arrange. We will not hesitate to recommend your service to others, particularly friends. Keep up the great work.” Graeme Healey, Narangba

“Karz saved me around $2,500, my vehicle was presented to me in good condition with genuine low klm’s e.g. “brand new” with a full tank of fuel which was a first. Friendly, Honest service – kept in contact with the latest information. I will recommend to others.” Karen Wade

“I saved $2,000, Karz were able to get my car for a much better price. I had a very short time frame and needed the car ASAP. Karz was able to have it ready when I needed it.” Leanne Shorten

“It is with pleasure that I write to the team at Karz to let everyone know how much I enjoyed your service. I have always purchased my cars using a local dealer so this was my first time using your service. Not only did I avoid the sales pressure but I saved money and never left my house. I really appreciate your responsiveness when I called with questions, nothing seemed a bother. I will recommend you with pleasure.” Murray Day

“Thankyou so much for your efforts, good humour and efficiency in securing my new car. You seemed to be able to make things happen when all I seemed to be getting elsewhere was dead ends and buck passing. I truly appreciate your efforts.” Steve Boulden

“A quick email to let you know how much I appreciate all you did for me when buying my new car. I was recommended to you from a friend but had no idea how easy it could be to buy a car, absolutely no hassle at all, you are truly on the buyers side which is a nice change.” Lisa Crew

“A big hug to all the team at Karz, I will never buy a car from a dealership again, you saved me thousands, I didn’t have to leave home, and you kept me completely updated the whole time. Very different to my previous car buying experiences! Thanks again and see you next time.” Angela Penny

“Thank you very much for all your hard work finding the best price for our new car and for negotiating the best price for the trade in. By using Karz all the hard work is done, thank you very much I would highly recommend the use of Karz and Angela Haigh to my family and friends. Thank you from a very happy customer.” Greg Clayson

“We are very happy and would like to thank karz for the efforts and personal attention that was shown toward us throughout the process of purchasing the new car. The service Karz provides is second to none. We highly recommend Karz to anyone wishing to purchase a vehicle. Karz conducted all requirements in the purchasing of the vehicle from A-Z in a friendly and professional manner. Karz sourced the best price on the vehicle and accommodated all the extras we requested for the vehicle at very good prices. Karz provided excellent prompt service in all areas and stages leading to the purchase of the vehicle and regularly followed up with phone calls. To purchase the same vehicle ourselves would have been approx $6,000 more expensive.” Denis Brumby

“I just decided what car I wanted and Karz did the rest. I had limited time to look it could have taken me forever to decide what to buy. I was advised by Karz which vehicles were more reliable as I was buying a 2nd hand car and ended up with a new car for not a lot more expense. Thanks for your great help in saving me time and money and wasted hours searching for me dream car. My introduction to Karz was a blessing and the website is great. Thanks again” Jenny Stein

“Thanks a lot for arranging the required car for me. I appreciate the availability and promptness of reply to all calls. I would be happy to deal with Karz in the future. Karz liaised with my accountant and financing company and I definitely didn’t need to shop around.” Surendra Bhutra

“Dear Karz, Thankyou for taking all the stress out of shopping for a new car. I personally find dealing with “car salesmen” extremely traumatic. I always feel they are ripping me off. You saved me time and money as well, and I got exactly what I wanted. All the negotiations were done, therefore saving me a lot of anxiety and fear of being ripped off. I could not have bartered a better deal. I didn’t have to worry or think about a thing. Plus no wasting weekend looking for a car. I saved approx $3,000-$4,000 and no hard sell by car salesmen!” Vicki Pennington

“Dear Angela, Thank you for sourcing my new Suzuki Swift. You have been most helpful, you are an asset to Karz, always polite and cheerful ironing out any little issues. This service has been invaluable and saved us time and money. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karz and referring people to you!” R Morris

“Thanks for taking away the hassles that are normally involved in buying a new car. Even with the hiccup from the dealer everything went smoothly. It was great to know that Karz had everything under control and all I had to do was check-in on the Karz website to see the progress of the new car. Thanks” Deb Beerling

“Many Thanks for simplifying the process of buying the new company car for Daniel. I would happily recommend Karz to anyone looking for a new vehicle. I was not aware that Karz existed but a work colleague suggested your service. Karz saved me a lot of time by doing the searching for me. Karz managed to find the car we wanted for thousands less than we would have spent. It was great having Karz take the stress out of getting this new company vehicle, we saved hours and about $3,000. Thanks again.” Mary Stuart “We where so happy with how Karz helped us buy our perfect car. You saved us heaps of time and without your help we wouldn’t have been able to get exactly what we wanted. Thankyou for all your hard work, we owe you one! We saved thousands, got our car earlier than any dealer could do for us and received expert advise in choosing the perfect vehicle, you saved us $5,000 on our new X-Trail.” “Dear Karz. Thankyou for all your hard work finding our gorgeous new car. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you. We have very busy lives and you have taken away a lot of stress of finding a car. We are happy with the price and very happy with the time that Karz took to get our car to us. Thankyou it is exactly what we wanted. We didn’t have to come in, all over the phone, all negotiations where done on our behalf, all paperwork taken car of, the vehicle is gorgeous.” Catriona Bisset

“Karz saved us a great deal of money above the best price we could manage by going to the dealerships ourselves.” “From start to finish without any hold ups or delays and in just two weeks we took delivery of our new car.” “I would just like to say that Karz is the way of the future for buying a car. The easy part is finding the car you like. The hard part is dealing with salesman. Karz take out the middle man and just get you the best price around. It has changed the way of buying cars for me and I will gladly recommend Karz to anyone who is looking to buy a car. Finally I just want to thank Angela and Grant for providing a great service.” Craig McConnell

“Thankyou for taking all the hard work out of buying a new car. Not only did Karz save me time and energy, they also saved me money. I love my new car! Thanks again!” Katherine Lowe

“I would like to say that Karz is the way of the future for buying a car. The easy part is finding the car you like, the hard part is dealing with salesman, Karz take out the middle man and just get you the best price around. It has changed the way of buying cars for me and I will gladly recommend Karz to anyone who is looking to buy a car.” Craig McConnell

“Just a quick note to say thank you for your help in getting my new RX8. Your prompt service, expertise and the ability to negotiate a tremendous deal on my behalf made my experience of getting a new car so easy. Thank again for your help” Baz Saad Director Zoom Factor Pty Ltd

“Karz, thanks for helping us save a substantial amount of money on the purchase of my new vehicle, Karz was able to get back to me in a matter of hours of my initial contact with an amazing price and availability details. I will certainly be recommending Karz to anyone in the new car market.” Gary Calford

“When we decided we wanted to buy a new ute we had no idea how we were going to find the time as we both have extremely busy lives. Karz made it all so easy, finding the price that was way below what we had seen and we didn’t have to do anything, Karz organised the lot, super quick, even delivering the ute right to our door, saved us time, money, stress & most of all it was an easy transaction. Thankyou very much Karz, we love our new ute.” Heather & Ian Vidler

“Dear Karz. Thanks to you Angela, and your staff, I now have a great little car, without having to do anything at all! It was great to talk to you & know that you were working to help me find a car. The amount of time I saved and the peace of mind combined to make me one happy Karz – car owner. Thanks again for all your help!” Karen McBride

“Karz, Thank you very much for doing all the groundwork so promptly and professionally. My colleagues didn’t believe my until I showed them the paperwork! I am certainly happy to recommend you to all my friends. An excellent service! Because of your buying power I was able to get a deal I could never have found as an independent buyer. Thanks” Gee Westera Sunshine Coast

“We were able to get ‘top of the range model’ plus on road costs for the price of the base model. We certainly appreciate the substantial extras plus luxury. No need for us to shop around, even though we knew what vehicle we needed, Karz obtained a far better deal than we could, It was so easy, two phone calls plus a couple of signatures. We now recommend Karz to all our friends.” Darren Turner

“Karz, thanks for all your help. Took out the pain of car dealers and paperwork. Your name will be passed on and I’ll definitely be back for my next vehicle. Cheers” Brett Hannah

“Buying my new Mazda 6 through Karz was the best decision I made, completely stress-free process, saved thousands of dollars and an absolute pleasure to deal with the Karz team” Martha Caines

“Thanks, you made the process of purchasing a car easy, thankyou for keeping me informed about your progress. You made purchasing a car stress free, Karz did all the work, I just informed them what I really wanted” Edward Sue

“Karz found me a better car for my money thank I could have” “Everything was done for me, I saved $2,200” “Dear Karz, thankyou for all your hard work. You have made the experience of buying a car hassle free. I really appreciate it. Cheers” Justin Ranson

“I have been waiting for ages for a dealer to find a car of this calibre. Once engage Karz found a vehicle within a week” “The car is safe and secure, with all log books, service details, low k’s – excellent quality” “All round great service” “Well done Karz! It was great to be able to hand over all the running around to one company who did the paperwork, found a vehicle to our criteria and cost and traded our old vehicle. Too easy and much needed service in this day and age. Thanks so much! we will be coming back again” Louise Van Ristell

“I love my Citroen Pluriel! Karz saved me $7,000 on the dealers price and hours of time to make sure they delivered it exactly how I wanted it. I will NEVER buy or sell a car myself again! Karz – professional, good humoured and delivering more than I expected. Thanks!” Bronwynne Bandiera

“Just wanted to drop the team at Karz a quick note of thanks, I picked up my new Mazda 6 last week, it was the easiest, and best car deal I have ever done, I just wish I’d known about your service before…..expect phone calls from all my family when they need their new cars!” Aaron Hawk

“To the whole team at Karz, I am so impressed by your service, the saving I received was amazing and you didn’t even charge me for your service, thanks so much” Leslie Thomas

“Wow, how good is Karz, you are so efficient, you returned everyone one of my millions of calls with different questions, and you found the car I wanted so fast and saved me over $4,000 THANKS SO MUCH, this is truly the ONLY way to buy a car” Angela Knight

“…………I want to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received at Karz, it would not have been possible for me to achieve the same level of saving that you arranged, I am truly grateful” Marie Kingsley

“You guys delivered my new car to my door, how great is that!” Steven Browne

I would like to thank you for you negotiating an excellent price for our new Murano and making the whole process stress free. Being very short of time I was unable to do the required research and shopping around to get the best possible deal. Not only did you do all of the leg work, research and negotiation but you secured a purchase price well below our expectations. As a small business owner I strive to provide my own clients with the highest level of service and by the same token I have those same expectations of people who provide services to us. You more than exceeded my expectations in all areas and even now you continue to provide unexpected ongoing follow up. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to prospective vehicle purchasers – in fact I believe that they would be doing themselves a disservice by not utilizing your professional skills. Congratulations on bringing a new level of service and professionalism to your industry. Yours sincerely, Meighan Hetherington Managing Director Property Pursuit – Residential & Commercial Buyers Agents

“Dear Karz. Thanks for finding my a fantastic car! I had been searching for a car through another broker with no success. Within weeks you had sources me an awesome deal and I am very happy with the result. Thanks so much.” Gordon Tan

“I wish to thankyou for your prompt service and attention to detail. I thankyou for your patience and appreciate your smiling phone voice.” Peter & Ruth Gray

“A letter of thanks for your recent help finding our family car. You saved us $7,320 on our car, a saving we could never have received was it not for your service. Also a special note to let you know how much we appreciated you keeping in contact so we knew what was happening the entire time. Thanks” Margaret & Phillip Swanson

“Time saving…….easily 1 month, Financial saving….$5,000 plus a free service. Karz helped me so much! you took all of the work AND fear our of getting my dream car! I took one leisurely drive and you did the rest…scoured the market for the best option, negotiated the right deal, delivered the car to my door….what was of most value to me though was that you were always focused on my needs not getting the sale.” Tracey Santa

“Dear Karz. Thank you for finding us our beautiful new car at a great price. You saved us lots of time which is money!!! It was great you were able to find us an ’06’ model instead of an ’05’. Thanks Heaps” Kylie Connolly

“Dear Karz. Thank you for all your hard work finding my new car at a great price. Truely appreciate your great effort.” Meng Wah Soh

“I would like to thank you for the professional and considerate way I was looked after.” Bill Taylor

“Thankyou for all the hard work, time and energy you put into finding my new car. I saved so much time and worry by using your company. The level of service was fantastic and I look forward to recommending you to all my friends and customer.” Chris Dowd Fox Finance and Leasing

“Thankyou so much for your very professional and efficient service. You have found us a quality car at a great price which we couldn’t have done without you. You made everything easy for us in what was a busy time in out lives. We would still be looking only for you. Karz provide a top class, friendly efficient service and congratulations to you for that. Thanks a million.” Mr and Mrs Rae Mt Gravatt QLD “I ended up buying a younger car, with less mileage for the same price I budgeted for, the Karz service is fantastic, I’ll be telling all my friends.” Miss Edwards Palm Beach QLD

“Just wanted to thankyou for my new car, the price was better than anything I could have got by myself.” Mr Roberts Enogerra QLD

“After two months of looking in the paper, Karz found me a vehicle in two weeks” “Being in a very demanding business, I didn’t have time to look for a car and negotiate a good price, using Karz took all that worry away” “It took only 6 phone calls and all the work was done” “Karz found the vehicle, negotiated the price, did the mechanical check and took car of the whole process” “Karz were able to find me the car I wanted where others were not able to”

Additional Services

Karz Takes Care Of Everything.

Finding your perfect new vehicle is the most time consuming part of your purchase; which is why the team at Karz ensures that this is our main focus.
We also realise that many additional requirements are needed when purchasing a vehicle. This is why the expert team at Karz are also able to take care of:
*Added extras such as tinting, tow bars
*Leaving you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Who we are?

Headquartered in Brisbane Queensland, Karz operates independent of any motor dealership. A privately owned Australian company aiming to set itself apart through unique and dedicated customer service innovation.

Karz truly is unique - we make it our job to ensure our clients dreams of driving their new vehicle are fulfilled in a quick, easy, and high quality way.